Tuesday, July 26, 2016

TRU announces 2016 Inaugural Hall Of Fame Inductee class

The Texas Rugby Union announces and congratulates the inaugural class of inductees into the Texas Rugby Union Hall of Fame - 2016

Gandolf Burrus
Dave Chambers

Chris Chechis
Dave Jenkins
Tracy Moens
Richard Prim
Alan Sharpley
Nelson Spencer
Gail Tennant
Barry Waite

Please plan on attending the Hall of Fame Banquet Dinner on Saturday August 20, 2016 to applaud these dedicated stalwarts of the Texas Rugby Union. What they gave to the game was out of pure love, now let’s thank them for an evening of fun and festivities. Go to the TRU Banquet and HOF Registration page  to reserve your spot in a history making night as the Texas Rugby Union honors those that have given so much to rugby in Texas. These players became administrators, referees, coaches and role models for the growth of not only the Texas Rugby Union but the United States Rugby Union as well.

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  1. Played with&against most of them.They all deserve to be in the HOF.

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