Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Old Maroon and Ruck Science form strategic partnership

AUSTIN, TX., April 18, 2016 /ThisIsTexasRugby/ - Old Maroon, the Former Student organization for Texas A&M Rugby, has entered into a strategic partnership with Austin-based sports nutrition company, Ruck Science, in order to expand the profile of Texas A&M’s rugby program and for the mutual benefit of both organizations.

The partnership, announced today in Austin, allows Old Maroon to utilize Ruck Science’s unique rugby-focused sponsorship program. The program, started in October of 2015 allows Ruck Science customers to donate 10% of all purchases to the amateur rugby club of their choice. Old Maroon will incorporate the program into its fundraising efforts in order to raise crucial revenue; for the organization and for current and future rugby players at Texas A&M.

The agreement also outlines a framework for Ruck Science to assist Old Maroon with promotion through online marketing, events and digital channels. This coordinated approach is designed to help raise the level of XVs and 7s competition at Texas A&M Rugby and to build a tradition of Aggie Olympians.

The effective date for the strategic partnership is April 15th, 2016 and will be open-ended. Either party may cancel at any time upon written notice to the other party. The terms of the partnership may be expanded or adapted periodically to reflect new conditions or agreements.

About Ruck Science
Ruck Science is a sports nutrition company based in Austin, TX that provides top-quality nutrition for rugby players. The startup was founded by players at the Austin Rugby Club and aims as part of its charter to sponsor every rugby club on the planet.

About Old Maroon
Old Maroon Rugby, in partnership with Texas A&M University, restores and strengthens the relationship between rugby former students and the current Texas A&M rugby clubs.

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