Thursday, August 13, 2015

Houston Coach on ARPTC staff

Press Release
Houston, TX

American Rugby Pro Training Center Has Undefeated Season, Wins National Championship, with Help from Houston Leadership and Performance Specialist Mattison Grey

When the American Rugby Pro Training Center in Little Rock, Arkansas opened its doors in late 2014, founder and rugby 7’s coach Julie McCoy tapped Houston’s Mattison Grey—a former rugby player, and current executive coach and performance specialist—to serve as mental skills coach for her recently-assembled group of female rugby players. Grey began her work with the athletes in February 2015; after three in-person training sessions, plus weekly phone calls, the team—comprised of athletes that had never played together before February 2015—went on to an undefeated season and the club 7’s national championship on August 9, 2015. The overall mission of ARPTC is to prepare athletes to not only compete for a spot on the Olympic team, but have a chance to win an Olympic medal. By creating an environment that encourages hard work, enhances athleticism and rugby skills, and implementing Mattison’s tools and techniques for achievement, athletes gain what they need to accomplish their goals.

Creating a Team from Scratch: Trust, Communication, Connection, Belief, and Confidence

Mattison Grey teaches her teams, both corporate and athletic, that the inherent and invisible judgement in our own language creates a barrier to high performance. The challenge with ARPTC was not simply teaching an existing team a new way to communicate—it was to create a team, from the ground up, utilizing effective team cohesion and communication techniques from the outset.
Using a communication tool from her book The Motivation Myth (co-authored with Jonathon Manske), Grey taught the rugby players that when we remove judgement-laden language and replace it with the language of results, we can better take control of and manage our attention. Using this language of Acknowledgment, athletes can get into “the elusive Zone” of high performance.

Mattison’s Mental Game

Winning a national rugby championship isn’t just about language—it’s about learning. In addition to working on the language of Acknowledgment, Grey instructed the athletes on four high-performance mental skills they would need to thrive as both individuals and as a team. “Mattison has developed a unique approach to High Performance for business that translates into Team play,” said head coach & ARPTC founder Julie McCoy. “Its application this weekend proved invaluable to our process.” Players requiring one-on-one support were able to work with Mattison individually, and she also worked with the coaching staff, installing the same set of skills to facilitate more effective training on a daily basis.

Grey’s Anatomy of Success

Mattison Grey gets it — she gets you. She understands what causes under performance, and what to do about it. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a corporate leader, or an entrepreneur seeking new tools to create exceptional results for yourself and those around you, Mattison can help you determine what you really want and then she will give you the tools to achieve it.

About Mattison: Mattison Grey, M. Ed., MCC (IAC) is a business and leadership coach and consultant, professional speaker, and author of The Motivation Myth. She has been working with entrepreneurs, athletes, paramilitary organizations, and companies of all sizes since 2004, helping individuals and teams improve performance; Grey’s fascination lies in the space between mediocre and masterful in any chosen endeavor. Mattison is a former NCAA Division I athlete, and attended the University of Iowa on a swimming scholarship. After college she discovered women’s rugby, rising quickly through the ranks and was one step away from the USA National Team before retiring to start a family. In 2006 Mattison took up Touch Rugby, where she has competed in numerous national championships and was selected to the USA Touch World Cup Squad in 2008. In addition to being a Certified Professional Business Coach, Mattison is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Rugby Level One Certified Coach, and a Level One Crossfit Certified Coach.

To learn more about Mattison visit her website at For an interview request or other inquiry, you can email at or contact her by phone at 713-701-9486.

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