Thursday, April 9, 2015

2015 Rugby Texas Boys Rankings - 8 April

We waited to post rankings this week because a ruling was pending that might affect the outcome. It is with heavy-heart that we discovered the ruling: Richardson Rugby Club and HEB Hurricanes had the remainder of their seasons cancelled due to a brawl that occurred in the closing minutes of their match. Because of this, these teams have been moved to the bottom of the rankings.

Op-Ed: We all know that emotions can soar in the heat of a close rugby match, but that does not excuse allowing those emotions to result in such nonsense. It does not matter who or what started it, what matters is that no one ended reprehensible behavior before it started. I support Rugby Texas' very difficult decision. They know what such a decision can do to new and promising programs. They also know the troubles that inaction can cause for every other rugby club in Texas. This was a tough decision to make, but the correct one nonetheless.  


  1. How do you forfeit and move up the rankings past an idle team? Never seen that before...

  2. Are these articles no longer going to be posted for the 2016 season?