Friday, April 17, 2015

2015 RRRC D1 Pick 'Em Panel - Week 12

Griffins' Quinten White fends off a Quin
defender. Quinten is a former starting
Linebacker at Temple University.

Picture courtesy of Scott Black
Dallas Reds at Dallas Harlequins

Grant - As much as I'd like the Quins to be more competitive this season, I think defeating the Griffins is the extent of their abilities for now. Next year, that may change, but not now. Reds may not be able to catch the Blacks now, but they need to stay in second to stay in the hunt for National Playoffs this year and for the possible cross-conference competition that may or may not be happening next Spring. The Quins will give the Reds all they can handle in the first half, but the Reds have lots of gas in the tank and will out pace their rivals at the end of this derby.

NOLA ballcarrier looking for space in the Black Wall.
Picture courtesy of New Orleans Rugby
Ted - Reds have gotten their mojo back and they're sitting in excellent position to reach the playoffs. They still have a chance to make a run at the RRRC title, so there isn't any room for a slip at this point. The Harlequins are out of the race, but have next year to think about. Finishing this season strong could have a big effect on the confidence they take into the off season. Pick: Reds.

Gordon - The Quins have beaten HARC, the Huns, and the Griffins in the last few weeks and they will take solace with those results. The Reds are a completely different game though. If the Quins can challenge the Reds at the breakdown and not give them front foot ball to launch backline attacks from then perhaps they can compete. The Reds are not invincible and have some areas which must worry the coaching staff but they only need a small mistake and a split second to score. I cannot see them being contained for the entire game especially with how they have been playing lately. Reds to win.

Buss - The Quins are closer to optimizing performance vs. Potential than anyone else in the league right now. The Reds however are too strong this year. The Reds should win comfortably but a bit of honor is restored for the Quins and I think they could be back to their best sooner than anticipated.

Huns ball carrier trying to find a seam where there is none against NOLA.
Austin Blacks at Griffins Rugby

Grant - I really expected the Griffins to pose a more powerful threat this year, but it seems they are still growing into their playing style. The Blacks may have started slow, but they have definitely found their rhythm. They cannot lay up in a match they probably expect to win, though. Griffins is a team that can and will sting at that moment. Blacks should keep their heads about them and put a bunch of points on the board on their way to victory.

Ted - The most interesting match on the RRRC slate this weekend. The Blacks stand alone atop the table and have some room to breathe, but they haven't locked down the title yet. A loss this weekend could open the door for the Reds as the Blacks have to travel to face them next weekend. A bonus point will all but seal the title for the Blacks. The Griffins are coming off a disappointing loss to the Harlequins last week. They'll be a home to try to bounce back. Pick: Blacks

Gordon - The Griffins are playing for pride and I guess will want to finish higher than the Quins but I cannot see that happening with their schedule. The Griffins do not have a backline good enough to compete with Blacks. Their forwards will try to grind it out but with how poor their set pieces have been I see Blacks scoring too many points like they did against the Huns last week. Blacks to win without getting into second gear as they build towards their game against the Reds.

Buss - The Blacks are playing well but still aren't tapping full potential. They need to be much more powerful in the set pieces. If they want to be a true national player that has to happen. Their athleticism and skills alone won't he able to win games at that level. Griffins surely wont roll over but the Blacks should win. Let's see off good enought to win is what the Blacks are about or if they are hungry enough to bully like the big boys. I think they are. Blacks to win big.

Austin Huns at Houston Athletic has been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

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  1. Reds head on over to take on the resurging Quins. Quins are at home, and their last 3 wins have got to be fueling the tanks. I can see the Reds taking the Quins for granted and stumbling through the first 40. Unfortunately, I see them holding strong, and taking this one. Come On You Quins!! PLEASE make me eat my words!! REDS to win.

    After a strong start, the Griffins have stumbled a bit. Grant already said above that they are still growing in to their system. The Blackness started the season unable to find third gear. Then they found it. The results speak for themselves. THE BLACKNESS distance themselves from the rest of the RRRC with a bonus point win.