Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Rugby Texas Boys HS Rankings - 3 March

Katy's HSAA Reserve Bronson Teles drives ahead against Kingwood.
Picture courtesy of Robert Rogers.
The weekend was marred by weather-related cancellations (Jesuit Dallas at St Thomas) and reschedules (Rock at LT & Plano at Alliance). The weather did not stop two big games from happening, though. Neither match disappointed.

Lake Travis 16-0 Rock Rugby

This match was moved to Monday night due to weekend weather. Lake Travis's Cavaliers owned possession and territory for most of this match. Rock Rugby's solid defense prevented the ball-greedy Cavs from scoring more than they wanted. Rock needs more possession to prove their worth, but their defense was staunch, so the loss only drops them one place. The Cavaliers are coming into their own and move up deservedly.

Rock has a week off, while Lake Travis travels to the Fort Worth area to face the Alliance Black Knights on Friday night.

Katy 15-5 Kingwood

Kingwood traipsed across town undefeated and returned home with a lesson learned. The Katy Barbarians are not to be trifled with this year. They tackle and close gaps well enough to win. They can score, but they need to score more to move up farther in the rankings. Kingwood and Katy trade places in the rankings after this weekend.
Kingwood's HSAA Prop Dillon Shotwell tracks Katy wing Lesendi Manthata
with Justin Pugh in support.
Both teams get a chance to move up this week as Katy is hosted by last-place St Pius X on Thursday night. The Panthers have proven they can score this season, but they will need to win the contact point to top the Barbarians this week. Kingwood faces St Thomas at Granger Stadium on Friday night (yours truly will be the stadium announcer). This battle could decide or tie-up second place in the South Conference.

Cy-Fair Warriors 30-20 Memorial HS

Cy-Fair is now the only undefeated HS side in the South Conference with this win over Memorial. The Warriors finally found that elusive bonus point win, as well.  Memorial is still reeling from the matriculation of 20-odd Senior players in 2014. The Mustangs are having a tough time finding their feet against more experienced teams, but they are scoring enough to gain points. Memorial holds steady with this loss while Cy-Fair moves up another two spots in what has been a consistent climb this season, so far.

Strake Jesuit hosts Memorial on Friday night, while Cy-Fair faces another big test when they host The Woodlands on the same night.
Memorial sets up their defense as Cy-Fair picks and jams.

St Joseph's Prep 51-18 Strake Jesuit Prep

St Joe's came into town on tour this weekend playing very good rugby. The Philadelphia side met little resistance as they took it to the gaps against Strake.  The Crusaders are a solid team playing evasive rugby that need a loss like this to center them on the remainder of the season. Strake may drop a few places because of this loss, but they look to regain those against Memorial this Friday.

St Thomas' flanker Payton Pardee is brought down by a St Joseph wing.
Pictures courtesy of Elizabeth Pardee
St Joseph's Prep 14-8 St Thomas

In constant mist and rain, St Thomas gave St Joe's all they wanted and then some. Several times the Eagles had gainline breaks on the outside only to be dragged into touch by a Hawk. Just as many times, a St Thomas player would drag a Prep Rugby player into touch as well. Much of this match was played touchline to touchline between the 22s. STHS's Peter Scamardo reported on this match in This Is Texas Rugby already and we were there with USA Eagle Jillion Potter. Jillion stated that she was impressed with the level of rugby displayed by both sides as the teams concentrated on closing the gaps on defense and jackaling at the breakdowns. While St Joseph's definitely possessed better backline ball-handling capabilities, their flyhalf missed multiple opportunities to exploit serious overloads against St Thomas when his forwards had bunched up the Eagles' defenses. Considering St Thomas had six starters on the bench due to injuries and such, they did very well keeping this score so low.

St Thomas drops a couple places in the rankings because other teams are playing more consistent rugby at the moment. They get a chance to redeem themselves this week while hosting Kingwood.
Eagle Griffin Maat soars higher than The Hawk in the lineout.


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  2. Great to see Kingwood competing with the top HS programs. I started playing for Kingwood during the program's second year of existence, as a then junior in HS, and we weren't all that competitive. However, the following year we ended up losing a challenge match (that we found out the day of we had to play in) that cost us a shot at the state championship tournament. Good to see how things have progressed over the last decade. Now it's time for a men's club to pop up in the area!

    1. Contact me through facebook or get my info be emailing the Kingwood Rugby Website about a Men's side. We might start one up.

      --Josh Dill

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