Friday, March 6, 2015

2015 RRRC D1 Pick 'Em Panel - Week 7 (March 7)

The non-rugby week has been crazy busy. That our excuse for getting this to you LATE! That and we were waiting on word about a possible Griffins at Reds reschedule for this weekend. We've received no word and are assuming it is not happening.

On the board this week is one match between the smoking hot Austin Blacks who host the Dallas Harlequins who have seen a very real struggle so far. Without further adieu, here's how our panelists see this match panning out.

Dallas Harlequins at Austin Blacks

Grant - Is it a foregone conclusion that the Blacks will torch the Quins? Many of the Blacks seem to think so, but Quins Coach Ant Holder surely thinks his crew can do much better. The Blacks have a ton of weapons and can find in-goal from any point on the pitch. The Quins would do well to concentrate on defense and capitalize off of turn-overs. But, the Blacks are a bit stingy in that department. I see the Blacks running away with this anyway.

Ted - Quins have been playing better, but so have the Blacks. Hard to see the Blacks losing at home. Pick: Blacks

GordonBlacks to win, Quins struggling in attack but will be resolute in defense. Pride is a powerful thing and I expect it to drive the Quins for quite a while.

Gift - Quins traveling down to the Austin Blacks. I'm going to give this one to the Austin Blacks. It looks like they've hit their groove. I will say that the Dallas Harlequins are picking up their pace and have found themselves being extremely competitive against their opponents. I expect this to be a much closer game than one would expect, but I'm giving the win to the Austin Blacks.

Buss - It will be good for the league if the Blacks effort over the Reds wasn't a one off. Blacks to win big in this one no matter what conditions are like.

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  1. My turn! After missing (sorta with all the reschedules due to weather) last week, I am back. This game has a lot of parallels to my own clubs experience this past weekend. We road tripped to the #1 ranked team in the state, who was outscoring everybody by ridiculous amounts. We won on a last second converted try after the hooter. The Quins (C.O.Y.Q!!) are playing better than most everybody thought them of as of late. They are going to the highest ranked team in the state. Blacks will get you both coming and going. I think the similarity between this game and my club's game ends there though, and the BLACKS keep rolling in the RRRC.