Thursday, February 12, 2015

LVI Day 1 Results for Texas & the Red River Rugby Region

The University of Texas, the University of Oklahoma, and Arkansas State University each sent 7s squads to the Las Vegas Invitational. The Longhorns are competing in the College 7s division, while the Sooners and the Redwolves are vying to qualify for a spot in the CRC in Philadephia.

In the Elite 7s division, the Austin Blacks sent a full squad, while two Black Knights from Alliance Rugby in Keller, TX - Alex Elkins and Spike Davis - played on the Elite Selects 2 for Tiger Coach Paul Holmes.

Several rugby players from the Oklahoma Elite Rugby Development Academy in Norman, OK are peppered throughout the Selects's teams run by Dominic Budzisz and coached by a bevy of solid names in the US Rugby Community.

Finally, Kingwood's Whitney Wilson is playing on one of the Girls HSAA Teams in the U19 Elite Int'l Girls 7s division.

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This Is American Rugby has ALL the scores from the Men's Elite 7s and CRC Qualifier divisions.

Penn State Mutual CRC Qualifier

Oklahoma 5-38 Lindenwood
Oklahoma 0-43 Bowling Green St
Oklahoma 5-26 Notre Dame College

Arkansas St 36-5 Notre Dame
Arkansas St 19-5 Wittenberg
Arkansas St 36-0 Stony Brook

Men's Elites 7s
Elite Selects 2 33-7 Stars Rugby
Elite Selects 2 24-19 France Development
Elite Selects 2 26-5 Austin Blacks

Austin Blacks 7-39 France Development
Austin Blacks 19-33 Stars Rugby
Austin Blacks 5-26 Elite Selects 7s

Men's College 7s
Texas 41-0 Ithaca
Texas 33-0 Bermuda
Texas 22-5 Regina

U19 Elite Int'l Girls 7s
HSAA Blue 24-7 Atlantis
HSAA Blue 35-7 Washington Loggers
HSAA Blue 38-0 Notre Dame Hounds

HSAA Red 32-0 Edmonton Gold
HSAA Red 27-15 British Columbia RU
HSAA Red 40-0 Orem

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