Saturday, January 31, 2015

Texas Rugby Results - 30-31 January

The Texas College Cup bracket after Round 1

College Non-Conference: 
D1A Rugby's Baylor 76-7 over NSCRO's UT-Dallas

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St Thomas HS running the ball against Brother Martin at Granger Stadium.
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Pardee.

NOLA center Jeffrey Reuther (A&M) steps Blacks fullback Zac Mizell (ArkSt) for TRYTIME!

Little Rock Stormers crouching to scrum against Fort Worth.
Photo courtesy of Razorbackfoto and Little Rock RFC.

College 7s Round Robin in Denton, TX
OU 15-14 UNT1
TCU 35-7 UNT2 
OU 17-21 UNT3 
TCU 19-12 UNT1 
OU 35-7 UNT2 
TCU 21-19 UNT3 
OU 15-21 TCU

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