Saturday, January 24, 2015

RRRC D1 Recap - 24 Jan

Dallas Reds 39-3 New Orleans We had early word that the Reds intended to open 2015 with a statement. Indeed, they did. Preventing New Orleans from finding in-goal is not a statement, it is an exclamation point. Will any team catch the Reds napping this year? New Orleans face the Griffins in Allen, tomorrow.

Austin Blacks 28-18 Austin Huns Once again, the Blacks pull out a close win. Burr Field was flooded, so the match was moved to Huns Field. The Huns did not win a single bout in the three match derby. But a close loss should give them hope that the next meeting can see different results.

Dallas Harlequins 55-7 Houston Athletic - Houston traveled poorly. The Quins punished their lack of tackling with speed in the backline. This Division is so closely matched that lack of depth by any team is dealt with severely. Houston learned that lesson today. The loss pushes Houston to the bottom and sets up a real battle between the Quins and the Griffins next week.