Sunday, January 25, 2015

How RRRC Clubs fare on Social Media - Jan 2015 Edition

RRRC D1 Clubs ranked by FB Likes with # Twitter followers

In December we looked at which D1 and D2 teams were capitalizing on their Social Media resources to inform their members and fans of events. We promised a short-term follow-up and this is it.

Many have asked us why we chose Facebook 'Likes' as a benchmark. This is about Club Rugby. Rarely will we see a Rugby Club advertisement plastered on a billboard or hear their match announcement of a morning radio show (although, years ago I took a batch of HarDee's breakfast biscuits to the John Boy & Billy Big Show to announce a major tournament at Skillbeck in Charlotte, NC). This is about using those relatively FREE resources to distribute information about our clubs and events. We would be hard-pressed to find a medium that fits that bill better than FB.

HARC is the best D1 climber as they jumped two spots on the men's club rankings and one spot on the women's. Their's has proven an active social media club as Club Officers have pressed members to 'Like' the FB page. Strong work by HARC.

In D2, Little Rock jumped a mile as we finally found their FB page. Alamo City passed up Ft Worth as our most improved in D2.

The Women saw moderate improvement, but have been dormant in January and are not expected to surge, just yet. Tulsa still holds a commanding lead, though.

We also added D3 this month after a ton of questions about why we left out those competitors. DARC has a narrow lead in FB Likes over the family-oriented Euless.

What can you do to improve? Well, we conjured up a graphic How-To for inviting your FB friends to like your club's FB page. #1 should be specific to your targeted club.

We'll be back at the end of March next to revisit how these clubs increased their Social Media presence and information distribution. we will also include some tips on How-To set up a club's FB page for maximum effect!


  1. No Instagram stats? IG has become an invaluable platform for reaching out to not only other clubs, but local businesses as well as other sports teams. This has created some outstanding opportunities as well as new recruits. Teams looking to build a social media presence cannot afford to overlook Instagram!

    1. Less than a quarter of Red River/Texas clubs have an Instagram account. While I agree that it is valuable, other clubs have yet to discover the possibilities.