Sunday, November 16, 2014

TRU names All-Star XVs squad

Austin, TX - The Texas Rugby Union issued an invitation for players to try-out for a TRU All-star XVs team that will play matches in a challenge tournament at the Las Vegas Invitational tournament in February. Twenty-four ruggers were named to the squad that defeated the Austin Huns 20-10 in their initial match as a team.

Andy Audet - Ft. Worth
Spencer Diego Cameron - Dallas RFC
Danny Carlton - Allen Griffins
Sal Demartino - Dallas RFC
Chris Gale - Allen Griffins
Eric Geckas - Corpus Christi
Chase Haberstroh - Dallas RFC
Jonny Heron - Dallas RFC
Chad Joseph - Dallas RFC
Kelly Kolberg - Dallas RFC
Darragh Lynch - Dallas Harlequins (Captain)
Drew McCure - DARC
Pat Molet - Shreveport
Jon Moore - Dallas RFC
Zac Mudd - Ft. Worth
Paul Mullen - HARC
Robert Poyser - Alliance
John Paul Rodriguez - Ft. Worth (Vice Captain)
Peter Santos - Dallas Harlequins
Ben Teaney - Dallas RFC
Matt Upton - Dallas RFC
Brian Welborn - Austin Huns
Craig Welborn - Austin Huns
Collin Ross Yerian - Dallas RFC

Several more players will be added in the coming months. The TRU All-Star XVs team thanks Kirk Tate and the Austin Huns for hosting the trials and giving them a run, their trainer Amy Nester, coaches Dean Robinson, Jon H. Jefferies, Bruce McGregor, Joe Kelly, and Elaine Vassie, the clubs who nominated players, all of the players who tried out, and the TRU for supporting representative rugby.

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