Saturday, October 4, 2014

Texas Rugby Results - Oct 3-4

Red River College Rugby Conference

Texas 48-13 Baylor

Under Friday night's orange lights at 51st and Guadalupe in Austin, the Longhorns performed some multi-try magic on the Bears. The Longhorns' big #8 Ed Elvin provided some stellar runs for the hosts, while their #7 "Alan Coburn was a monster at the breakdowns" according to Texas coach Chris Hopps. Hopps noted that Baylor was not easy because they were a big, physical team. Hopps called out Baylor's #8, Pete Hamm (of Rugby Indiana's Culver Academy), as being "a load."

Texas' 2nd XV hosted a touring Australian side after the Conference match.

Oklahoma 50-32 Texas A&M

OU & A&M played a tough match featuring both teams vying for possession at the breakdowns and tough tackling in the open field. "In the end, OU was just more fit than we were." said A&M Asst Coach, Johnny Smith. Both Smith and OU coach Horowitz never thought the Aggies were far from making a break, but the Sooners did plenty to prevent that break from happening. 

Rice 32-48 Houston

The Houston Cougars are big and fast. The Rice Owls are shifty and quick. But Rice did not wake up soon enough and they left a lot of points on the board due to missed conversions. Houston was quick to respond on loose ball counter-attacks and just kept crashing the 10-channel with their forwards. 

Rice's B side hosted UNT's B side afterward. UNT 31-7 Rice

UNT 75-6 Texas A&M

A well-drilled Eagles side ran their gameplan over an inexperienced Texas A&M 2nd XV looking to get more gametime than the Red river Conference will afford. UNT has set the bar in the SWC with this win. 

Texas State 30-10 Stephen F. Austin

Texas State posted 6 tries (no conversions) en route to victory, including a hat trick by their captain Joe Boyd.

Angelo State 40-15 Southern Methodist

In San Angelo at 2pm

Texas A&M 39-10 Texas Tech

In College Station at 11:30am

Red River Rugby Conference - Women D1

New Orleans 27-10 Houston (SHARCs)

Colorado Black Ice - Austin 

Glendale B 10-22 Austin B

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