Thursday, October 16, 2014

Player Profile - Gina Steffano

G breaking the gainline for the Aggies
Gina Steffano
Nickname: G
Height/Weight: 5'7", 150
Positions Played: Flyhalf, Outside Center, Fullback

How did you get into rugby? It was my first week of college at Texas A&M and my best friend, Travis Stubbs, was talking about how he wanted to go to one of the trainings. I decided to go to the women's practice and have never looked back.

Clubs played for? Texas A&M, HARC, US Atlantis 7's
Rugby Honors: HARC Captain, First Team All-American 06-07, Second Team All-American 09-10, West U23 All Stars, West Senior All Stars.

Most Memorable rugby moment: I have two. My first one was my second season playing for Texas A&M. We were in Greeley, Colorado playing Air Force in the snow. We beat them by one point to secure our team's first ever trip to nationals. My second one would be my Atlantis tour to Fiji. We got to play in a stadium with the ocean in the background with thousands of Fijian fans cheering us on. The atmosphere was incredible.

G fending a tackler for HARC.
Most embarrassing rugby moment: I was playing in the Cancun 7's and made a break away. No one was close to me and all of a sudden I just tripped over my own feet. I stuck my arm out to catch my fall and dislocated my elbow. That was my most painful rugby injury.

Pre-match ritual? I always visualize what I would do in game scenarios the night before big games. On the day of, I get very calm and quiet. I like to drink a Sprite before and during games because I do not like sport drinks and need something else besides water.

Your strongest influence in rugby? Of course every single one of my rugby coaches, past and present. A special shout out to Emil Signes for taking me on tours to places I thought I would never go and to my forward's coach at A&M, Todd Johnson. He always knew I was a flanker at heart.

Open field tackle by G for HARC.
Your ultimate rugby goal? Travel the world and play in as many countries as possible.

What do you do outside of rugby? Work, workout and hang out with my rugby families.

What motivates you - in rugby and outside of it? Most people are scared of failure so I always try to be as prepared as possible for any situation. I try to put in maximum effort to the things that are very important to me. If it does not go according to the plans, I can at least say I tried my best. For some people that is not enough, but everything in life is a learning experience and there is always next time.

How are you preparing for your next big rugby moment? I have a 7's tour coming up in Australia at the end of October. I am playing with some amazing players, some of who are on the current national team. Obviously, I am going to have to step my game up. I believe you can never be fit enough in the game of rugby so I have been doing a lot of fitness and trying to improve my left handed pass.
G (in scrumcap) and the rest of the Aggies playing for HARC.

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