Friday, September 5, 2014

Rugger Profile - Rachel Davis

2008 HARC Women - Rachel Davis is on the Front Row! (third from the left)
Name: Rachel Davis
Positions played: Prop, flanker

How did you get into rugby?
I started playing rugby for Rice University after some girls from the team refused to tell me what it was and told me to come to practice instead. I thought it was the craziest thing I had ever seen, but when my mom asked if I was going to quit, it got my back up. I told her, well I guess I will stay until I understand all the rules. It took me 4 years… and I’m still not so sure I have them all down!

Clubs played for/Coached:
Rice University (2001-2005)
HARC (player 2005-present)
Kingwood HS (Coach 2012-13)
Carnegie Vanguard HS (Coach 2013- present)

Rugby Honor:
MVP Forward for HARC - 2012

Most memorable rugby moment:
For me, the games all have this “battle-haze” around them… so the things I remember are all either injuries or really bizarre moments. One of those would have to be when we were playing at a tournament at Texas A&M, I think, probably with HARC. The weather was absolutely miserable—raining and cold and awful. Because it’s Texas, the field was infested with fire ants, and because of the rain, the ants were everywhere. Well, in the middle of one of the games, one of the girls suddenly started shrieking and ripping off her shirt—she was covered in fire ants! The ref had to pause the game so she could get them off. She was from California, so it was a rough welcome to Texas! Just one of the things you get used to playing rugby down here, though.

Your strongest influence in rugby?
My biggest rugby influence would have to be my first coach, Mary Graham (Rice Women's Rugby). She was a great motivator and she encouraged everyone on the team to play to their best level. I am still amazed at the way she could take a player who had just walked onto the field for the first time and have her ready to play in a game within a week or maybe two.. with the support of her experienced team mates, of course! I strive to accomplish that for my players.

Your ultimate rugby goal?
I think I may be there! I always thought it would be impossible to come back to rugby once I started a family, and I also thought that playing after 30 might be my limit! But here I am, returning to the field after the birth of my son and my 31st birthday both! In addition, I am coaching a girls’ team at my high school, which has long been a goal I thought was unattainable. I am thrilled to see the growth of rugby in the US and to motivate this new generation of players. I guess my new goal is going to have to be to take my current team up to state… and after that, who knows!

What do you do outside of rugby?
Besides rugby, I am an English and Photography teacher and I coach cross country. Between all of that, there isn’t room for much else!

What motivates you - in rugby and outside of it?
I want to do my best for my team and for my friends and family. When I’m tired and think I can’t face getting up to go to practice, the thing that can get me going is the chance to see my rugby friends and the fact that they need me there to get ready for the game. Outside of rugby, the same thing is true—I want to do my best for my students, my family, and my friends, and it’s their needs that can get me going.


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