Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Griffins Rugby announce Physmodo as 2014/15 Sponsor

September 15, 2014 - Allen, TX

The Physmodo mission is to help in the care of athletes by utilizing the latest technologies, to keep athletes performing at their best. Griffins Rugby is pleased to announce Physmodo, a Dallas based technology company, as the club’s title sponsor. The 3 year deal marries the company’s revolutionary new sports science technology with one of the most renowned rugby clubs in the US. “Partnering with the Griffins was a simple decision.” explains owner Nake Sekander, “Rugby is the perfect proving ground for our advanced sports science technology and with what the Griffins are doing on and off the field, we could not ask for a better organization to work with. Rugby is growing rapidly in popularity in the US, thanks in large parts to organizations like the Griffins and we are excited to be a part of that”

Physmodo offer a revolutionary technology that not only aids with player rehab, but facilitates performance analysis and will play a key role in injury prevention. “The science is well over my head, and I did physics in college,” jokes club director, Phil Camm, “When I was playing we fixed injuries by just training harder, but with the demands of the modern game and the increasing physicality of the average rugby player, I’m grateful that more technology is available to help us take better care of our athletes. “

The Physmodo system works to measure, monitor, and modify an athlete’s performance levels off-field to reduce the risk of injury on-field. While continuing to develop new applications for the technology, Physmodo will work with the Griffins to trial new rollouts and get feedback from their elite players. The system is already in use in several rehab facilities, Major League Soccer and being trialed in the English Aviva Rugby Premiership.

Griffins Rugby Media Contact:
Phil Camm: 972-977-2368
Managing Director, Griffins Rugby Management

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