Thursday, September 11, 2014

DARC announces The Dallas Cup

Press Release

The Dallas Athletic Rugby Club (DARC) is pleased to announce the first annual Dallas Cup. The Dallas Cup is a truly unique opportunity for rugby in Texas and DFW in particular. It is a league focused solely on development - the development of clubs, players and referees in a social and fun atmosphere.

There is a large demand for social rugby in Dallas and with DARC creating a second side this off-season there was a need for games to play. DARC sought to create a competition that includes everyone with development at the core. The ever increasing demand on clubs to compete at the Texas Rugby Union level meant that those on the edge could not commit to playing a minimum of ten games in a season.

The Dallas Cup offers five to seven games and it aims to help newer clubs - such as East Texas RFC - gain the experience needed in order to compete competitively next year. Joining East Texas RFC will be DARC's second side, Dallas Diablos RFC, The Lost Souls RFC and a combination of Dallas RFC and SMU Cox. The goal is development, and one of the key factors to this is that no player that has experience at division one or two is eligible to compete.

DARC has been heavily 
focused on the development of rugby as a whole. One of the unique aspects of the Dallas Cup, is the opportunity it provides for newer referees. Every year a group of referees become certified, but the path to official TRU/RRRC games can be difficult. The Dallas Cup offers newly certified referees men's rugby games to preside over in a less stressful atmosphere. This means that when they make the step up to competitive TRU/RRRC games they will be prepared for the physicality, pace and power of competitive rugby.

Two of the most prominent referees in the area, Randy Campbell and Jon Savage, believe that this opportunity will provide a great benefit for all those looking to advance as a referee. These men have been stalwarts in Dallas-area refereeing and, with their guidance, DARC aims to make the Dallas Cup the number one path to success for referees.

The Dallas Cup will be a traditional league with all teams playing each other. The final weekend will be a celebration of rugby in Dallas. Moving forward we hope the Dallas Cup can continue to grow year upon year, and that it will inspire other cities to create a competition that appeals to all.

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