Monday, August 4, 2014

TCU to play independent schedule.

Ft Worth, TX - The Texas Christian University (TCU) Men's Rugby Club has opted to play an independent schedule in 2014-2015. The club fulfilled their three-year commitment to the Southwest Conference (SWC) at the end of the 2014 Spring season and has notified the SWC that it will not be participating in its competition structure. TCU intends to play each of the teams in the Red River Conference, but chooses not to be a part of that competition structure, yet.

Other than playing the Red River Conference teams, TCU plans to play several tournaments including the Las Vegas Invitational. TCU also has Arkansas State scheduled for a home match and will make a team trip to Chicago in November to watch the USA Eagles play the vaunted All Blacks.

When asked what prompted the decision to leave, TCU RFC representatives responded that this move was to improve their cohesiveness as a team. However, other reasons may have factored into the Horned Frogs' decision-making process. While the club declined to confirm those reasons, they stated that they had discussed the matters with university officials prior to notifying the SWC and that those officials agreed that the decision was appropriate and timely.

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