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Profile - Kirk Tate, TRU President-Elect

Kirk Tate & Ty Landry at Infinity Park at 2013 SRS
Name: Kirk Tate
Positions played: Lock, 8-man

How did you get into rugby?
I met a guy named John Jones in the cafeteria line at Dobie dorm at UT back in 1983. Our conversation:
John: "Hey you wanna play rugby?"
Me: "Sure, sounds cool."
John: "Do you have a car?"
Me: "Yeah. Why?"
John: "Great. Meet me in the lobby at 6. I need a ride to practice."
That's a dedicated player. He didn't make excuses for missing practice. He recruited a new guy to make sure he could get there!

Most memorable rugby moment: Watching the Huns come from behind and score a try at full time to beat Baton Rouge in my first season as the Huns' head coach, completing the only undefeated regular cup season in the club's history.

Most embarrassing rugby moment: As a rookie coach at UT, I lost my temper and got into a shouting match with one of my players during a game. Awful. I was able to gain some respect back when I called the team in after the game and apologized to them for my lack of professionalism. A definite learning experience.

Your strongest influence in rugby? Two coaches - Ebby Neptune, my offensive line coach when I played football at Westlake High School, and Brian Thornalley, one of my coaches at Austin RFC. Both men were not only great teachers of their sports, but genuinely cared about their players. They valued character and effort as much or more than natural ability and they treated every player equally, from scrub to superstar. They inspired me to become a coach. I've often asked myself "what would Ebby or Brian do in this situation?"

Your rugby hero? Nobody, by which I mean John Eales. Because Nobody is perfect.

Your ultimate rugby goal? To make a living in the sport I love.

What do you do outside of rugby? Mostly think about rugby while managing software projects.

What motivates you - in rugby and outside of it? Working with good people to make a genuine difference.
Kirk Tate with Huns Rugby at a Bikes for Kids event

Kirk Tate's Rugby Resume

• BA, University of Texas at Austin, 1987
• JD, University of Texas School of Law, 1992
• USA Rugby Level I Referee, 1999
• USA Rugby Level I Coach, 1999
• USA Rugby Level II Coach, 2001
• USA Rugby Level III Coach, 2002
• USA Rugby Developing Skills, 2007

Huns Rugby Football Club
Director of Rugby Apr 2013 – present
Head Coach Mar 2002 – Nov 2012
Director Aug 2009 – Aug 2013
Forwards Coach Aug 2001 – Feb 2002
• Fostered growth of club from eleven regular players into one of the largest men’s clubs in the USA
with over 100 registered players, competing in three divisions
• Reached USA Division 1 Round of 32 playoffs in 20092013
• Reached USA Division 2 Round of 16 playoffs in 2004 and 2006
• Guided team from last place in Texas Rugby Union Division 2 in 2002 to promotion to Division 1 and
USA Round of 32 playoffs in 2009.
• Served on planning committee for 2002, 2003, 2004 USA Girls’ U19
Elite Camps
• Assistant Coach at 2003, 2004, 2006 Texas U19 Player Development Camps
• Forwards Coach for 2013 Central Texas Regional Select Side

El Azul 7s
Manager & Assistant Coach Apr 2013 – Sep 2013
• Coordinated travel for West Qualifiers in Houston, Kansas City, Denver
• Bowl championship at 2013 Serevi Invitational 7s in Denver, CO

USA Rugby Red River Competitions Committee May 2013 – present
TRU Men’s Club Division 1 Secretary Aug 2008 – Jun 2012
TRU Men’s Club Division 2 Secretary Aug 2007 – Jun 2008
TRU Men’s Collegiate Division 2 Secretary Aug 2004 – Jun 2005
TRU Men’s Collegiate Division 3 Secretary Aug 2003 – Jun 2004
• Wrote the TRU and RRRC promotion & relegation policies
• As divisional secretary, created match schedules for league play in those divisions

University of Texas Rugby Football Club
Forwards Coach Aug 1998 – Jul 2001
Treasurer Aug 1986 – May 1987
• Planned and conducted trainings with 6man
coaching staff for over 70 players
• Two consecutive appearances in West Territorial Collegiate Championships

Austin Rugby Football Club, Inc.
President Jul 1997 – Jun 1998
Treasurer Jul 1996 – Jun 1997
Director Jul 1994 – Jun 1996

• Texas Rugby Union Men’s Select Side, 1993 1995
• West Rugby Union Collegiate Select Side, 1987
• Texas Rugby Union Collegiate Select Side, 1986 1987

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