Monday, August 4, 2014

Player Profile - Matthew "MattRad" Radzavich

Matthew Radzavich scoring for Atlantis against Pride at Tobago 7s.

Name: Matthew Radzavich
Nickname: Matt Rad
Height/Weight: 6'0/185#
Positions played: Wing, Hooker

How did you get into rugby?
"I never had the opportunity to play until I transferred to Texas State University my junior year of college. There I met a great Renegade Rugger named Birkson "Leno" Moore. He convinced me to go to a practice and that was that. I have been playing ever since."

Clubs played for:
Texas State Renegades, Texas Collegiate Selects '12, Huns RFC, Negro y Azul 7s, Atlantis 7s, Houston Elite City 7s, Austin RFC

Rugby Honors:
"I dont have any awards or national team selections yet, so that is a big motivation for me to keep working harder."

Most memorable rugby moment:
"I have had so many great memories over the years with rugby. I have a three way tie between scrimmaging the Fijian national 7s team in Vegas, qualifying for nationals this year after a difficult final in Tulsa and beating the USA Falcons last year at The Serevi Invitational to win the plate."

Most embarrassing rugby moment:
"This last year, I wanted to play for Texas State again against LSU and after a week of talking about how awesome I was going to do, I had to be subbed off in the first minute, basically, because of a sprained ankle..."
MattRad at Houston Elite City 7s (Left) and ready to take the pitch for the Austin Blacks (Right)

Pre-match ritual?
"Physically; adequate protein, carbs, BCAA's, salts, water and all that jazz is a requirement. Proper preparation prevents poor performance! Nas, DMX, Holy Diver and a few other choice tunes get the mind right for battle. Lastly, I always sing my college pregame song, in my head, just before kick-off."

Your strongest influence in rugby?
"The idea of playing with USA on my chest has influenced me through the years to continue pushing mself to train and compete at the highest level I can."

Your rugby hero?
"Brendan Rams, Hooker for the Oostelikes Eagles Rugby Club in South Africa and for the Huns at the end of last season. He is the hardest worker off the pitch and his rugby style is something like the embodiment of an angry, full-grown male African water buffalo. I have never seen a person run with more authority. I admire power and speed in players like (Ma'a) Nonu, the Tuilagi (brothers), (Brian) Habana, Rene Ranger, Nick Cummins, (Israel) Folau, Henry Speight and Frank Halai among others."

MattRad playing 7s for Austin Blacks
Your ultimate rugby goal?
"To play for USA at the Olympics or World Cup."

What do you do outside of rugby?
"Try to make enough money to pay for rugby."

What motivates you - in rugby and outside of it?
"Failure and to never feel it again."

Note: For those that do not know Matt (like myself), you are missing out. No less than 12 of his peers in the Texas Rugby Community (all of them opponents) had Matt listed in their suggestions of who to profile. That kind of respect is difficult to earn. 

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