Thursday, August 14, 2014

Negro y Azul & Republic of Texas at Serevi Rugbytown Sevens

Texas will be well-represented by two select teams at the Serevi Rugbytown Sevens in Glendale, CO on August 15-17: Austin-based Negro y Azul (Black & Blue, for the linguistically impaired) and the Republic of Texas from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Negro y Azul is not necessarily about bruises, because the name is a play on words about the colors of the two Austin-area rugby teams, the Blacks and the Huns. As previously suggested, the Republic of Texas is NOT an over-35 team (although an old boys team sporting that name does exist). It IS a young team of experienced ruggers, former college ruggers, and a couple of recent crossovers.

The two teams are led by 7s coaches of renown and loaded with players we have seen play in elite-level and championship-tournament 7s plenty of times previously.

Negro y Azul is helmed by Chris Ryan and Ty Landry. Chris' 7s prowess has been a part of the national 7s conversation for a few years now. This is Ty's second trip to Glendale (the last time was with El Azul). The team is made of several players who took the pitch for various teams at Club 7s last week: Bobby Johns (NOLA), Brad Vaughan (Austin Blacks), Chance Doyle (NOLA), Chris Grubba (Austin Blacks), Colton Cariaga (At-large), Gerson Blaise (Atlanta Old White), Matt Hughston (Charlotte, NC), Matt Radzavich (Austin Blacks), Pete Kanicki (Austin Blacks), Rick Darrow (Austin Blacks), Tane Jericevich (Austin Blacks), Tyler Barberi (Philadelphia), Zach Miller (Life/NOLA)

The Republic of Texas used its Tiger Rugby connections to bring in James Walker to coach the young squad. TCU Head Coach TeShay Flowers will be assisting Walker. The Republic of Texas is Bear Allbritton (Dallas Reds), Brendan Pahulu (Ft Worth), Chad Joseph (Dallas Reds), Darrin Oliver (Little Rock), Dillon Thiele (TCU/Ft Worth), Jon Brown (Ft Worth), Jon Moore (Dallas Reds), Kelly 'Spike' Kolberg (Dallas Reds/Tiger), Narada Jackson (TCU), Paul Benade (Arkansas St), Phil Bolton (Dallas Reds), Robert Poyser (TxTech/Ft Worth), Spencer Cameron (Dallas Harlequins), Thomas Haussrer (Arkansas St/Denver Barbarians)