Friday, August 8, 2014

Everybody loves Art

Art Anderson hit his trademarked pose!
This week, we reported that Art Anderson was stepping down from the Head Coach position at the University of North Texas Rugby Club. Coach Anderson has been in that position since he graduated from UNT more than a decade ago. Art is one of those rare, enduring rugby personalities who is loved by all who know him.

I first met Art in the late 90s when he played hooker at UNT. His rugby was tough and tenacious. Art was smiling through every game that he played against my team and through every match when he played for the TRU Collegiate Selects. Rugby in Texas has always been better because Art Anderson was a part of it.

Click below to see how some of Art's players and collegues wished him well.

From ruggers that Art Anderson has coached:

From a former SFA rugger that Art Anderson played against (UNT v SFA was a huge rivalry in the 90s) and played on the front row with in Texas Collegiate Selects' matches:

From fellow rugby coaches at other universities:

It's safe to say, "Everybody loves Art!" and with good reason.

Thank you, Art Anderson, for many long years of service to college rugby in Texas.

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